Deploy Web Application

Deploy your application to S3 hosting

In this section, you are going to deploy your web application to an Amazon S3 hosted website using the amplify add hosting command.

amplify add hosting

Choose DEV (S3 only with HTTP) (there is nothing terribly sensitive in this data, and it will deploy quicker than using an Amazon Cloudfront endpoint) Add Interactions

Keep the defaults for the other questions: Add Interactions

For production websites, Amazon Cloudfront will be used as the access point for websites backed by S3. It provides many advantages, including performance, security and additional features.

Use amplify publish to deploy the site.

amplify publish

Once complete, the terminal will display the hosting endpoint: Add Interactions

Open the website location in a browser and view the application: Add Interactions

Ensure that the web application is functioning as expected. Before moving on to the next step, make sure that your local development server is stopped. You can use CTRL/CMD-C to stop the running server. Add Interactions

Now, move on to the next step!