Adding backend data services

Adding APIs and data

Using Amplify, we are going to deploy an AWS AppSync API.

There are many features and benefits of AppSync and GraphQL. These are not covered in this workshop, but you can learn more at and

Run the following command to add an API:

amplify add api

Choose GraphQL, and enter the API name as andypizzashop: Init Amplify Init Amplify

Choose Amazon Cognito User Pool. This will enforce security in our application by requiring the user to have authenticated before adding items in our API. Init Amplify

Enter No I am done when prompted for additional changes Init Amplify

Choose N for annotated GraphQL Schema and N for guided schema creation. Leave the custom type name as MyType and press enter. This will create a base schema, but we will replace that with our own. Init Amplify

Notice the location of the schema file that Amplify created. This is the schema definition that amplify will use to create the AppSync schema. To edit this, you can click the file location and it will open a context menu where you can select Open Init Amplify

Replace the schema in schema.graphql with the following code and save schema.graphql:

type Order @model @auth(rules: [{ allow: owner }]) {
  id: ID!
  name: String!
  user: String!
  phone: AWSPhone
  email: AWSEmail
  orderDate: AWSDateTime
  orderTotal: Float!
  deliveryType: String!
  deliveryDate: AWSDateTime
  status: String!
  items: [Item] @connection(name: "OrderItems")
type Item @model @auth(rules: [{ allow: owner }]){
  id: ID!
  itemName: String!
  comments: String
  quantity: Int!
  size: String!
  unitPrice: Float!
  totalPrice: Float!
  order: Order @connection(name: "OrderItems")
  toppings: [Topping] @connection(name: "ItemToppings")
type Topping @model @auth(rules: [{ allow: owner }]){
  id: ID!
  toppingName: String!
  toppingWeight: String
  toppingSpread: String
  item: Item @connection(name: "ItemToppings")
type Product @model {
  id: ID!
  productId: String!
  productName: String!
  category: String!
  description: String
  defaultPrice: Float
  sizes: [Variation] @connection(name: "ProductSizes")
type Variation @model {
  id: ID!
  size: String!
  price: Float
  product: Product @connection(name: "ProductSizes")

Notice the @ signs in this schema? The Amplify framework supports these GraphQL annotations - which are directives that tell amplify to configure our AppSync API in a certain way:
@model - creates the data model using DynamoDB
@connection - creates relationship between types
@auth - creates fields identifying access control and the appropriate query controls

To learn more about these, check out

Make sure you save the schema.graphql file and then run the following to push our changes into AWS.

amplify push

Leave the default responses for the next set of questions. Init Amplify

Once you get through all the questions, deployment will start. This will take a few minutes.

If you are bored, you can take some time to think about what is being provisioned here. Although Amplify makes it seem simple, it is not trivial: Amplify is deploying the schema, the backend Dynamo DB tables, the AppSync resolvers (using Velocity Templates), and the AppSync authentication integration with Cognito. We are not going to get into what all of this is in this workshop, but it is very powerful.

Once complete, you will receive the GraphQL endpoint information in the terminal window. This endpoint is now accessible by an authenticated user. Init Amplify

Next, open the file src/aws-exports.js and find the aws_user_pools_web_client_id value. Copy the value as you will need it for the next step: Init Amplify

Now visit the AWS AppSync console to view your AppSync API at Click on the name of your API. Init Amplify

If you don’t see your API, make sure that you using the same region where you deployed your Cloud9 environment!

Select Queries from the left column, and then click Login with User Pools: Init Amplify

Then enter in the following values:

  • ClientId: enter the value you copied for aws_user_pools_web_client_id
  • Username: edge21
  • Password: the password that you entered when you registered

Click Login Init Amplify

We need to add some product data so we don’t have an empty menu. To do this, paste in the following set of queries and then press the Orange Play button to run CreateProducts

mutation CreateProducts {
CreateProduct_0: createProduct(input: {id: "cef87f6f-acd9-4ff2-9eb3-29f97e5ee5bb",productId: "0007",productName: "Cheese Sticks",category: "SIDE",description: "Cheesey and scrupmtious, great as a side or a full meal",defaultPrice: 6}) {id}
CreateVariation_0_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Four Pack",price: 3.39,variationProductId: "cef87f6f-acd9-4ff2-9eb3-29f97e5ee5bb"}){id}
CreateVariation_0_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Dozen",price: 6.59,variationProductId: "cef87f6f-acd9-4ff2-9eb3-29f97e5ee5bb"}){id}
CreateProduct_1: createProduct(input: {id: "f635e0be-86e0-4ae0-877e-9000f4afdba7",productId: "0006",productName: "Garden Salad",category: "SIDE",description: "Fresh greens and tomatoes and cucumbers",defaultPrice: 6}) {id}
CreateVariation_1_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Half Size",price: 4.99,variationProductId: "f635e0be-86e0-4ae0-877e-9000f4afdba7"}){id}
CreateVariation_1_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Full Size",price: 7.99,variationProductId: "f635e0be-86e0-4ae0-877e-9000f4afdba7"}){id}
CreateProduct_2: createProduct(input: {id: "92d12047-5509-478f-9bde-2b1a8bed578e",productId: "0010",productName: "Lemon Lime Spritzer",category: "SIDE",description: "A fruity sode with lemon and lime",defaultPrice: 3}) {id}
CreateVariation_2_0: createVariation(input: {size: "2 Liter",price: 1.99,variationProductId: "92d12047-5509-478f-9bde-2b1a8bed578e"}){id}
CreateProduct_3: createProduct(input: {id: "d3239e2c-95e0-4d88-9dd0-286fe052bf45",productId: "0014",productName: "Magnum Club",category: "SUB",description: "This thing is loaded with beef, turkey, bacon and veggies",defaultPrice: 9}) {id}
CreateVariation_3_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Small",price: 4.99,variationProductId: "d3239e2c-95e0-4d88-9dd0-286fe052bf45"}){id}
CreateVariation_3_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Regular",price: 8.59,variationProductId: "d3239e2c-95e0-4d88-9dd0-286fe052bf45"}){id}
CreateProduct_4: createProduct(input: {id: "cffb7343-d8f3-48a5-a632-1ad39e6a189b",productId: "0002",productName: "Supreme Pizza",category: "PIZZA",description: "Just about every topping you'll need to satisfy your appetite.",defaultPrice: 10}) {id}
CreateVariation_4_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Large",price: 7.99,variationProductId: "cffb7343-d8f3-48a5-a632-1ad39e6a189b"}){id}
CreateVariation_4_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Small",price: 5.99,variationProductId: "cffb7343-d8f3-48a5-a632-1ad39e6a189b"}){id}
CreateVariation_4_2: createVariation(input: {size: "Medium",price: 6.99,variationProductId: "cffb7343-d8f3-48a5-a632-1ad39e6a189b"}){id}
CreateProduct_5: createProduct(input: {id: "c57ee325-407c-4a40-a428-c5e7b2c5338a",productId: "0015",productName: "Pizza Club",category: "SUB",description: "Pizza sauce with pepperoni and cheese, just like a pizza",defaultPrice: 8}) {id}
CreateVariation_5_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Small",price: 3.99,variationProductId: "c57ee325-407c-4a40-a428-c5e7b2c5338a"}){id}
CreateVariation_5_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Regular",price: 6.99,variationProductId: "c57ee325-407c-4a40-a428-c5e7b2c5338a"}){id}
CreateProduct_6: createProduct(input: {id: "5ccf7ec4-9318-4695-b664-59d6ce60baba",productId: "0001",productName: "Ultimate Pizza",category: "PIZZA",description: "An array of delectable toppings served piping hot on top of our classic crust.",defaultPrice: 10}) {id}
CreateVariation_6_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Medium",price: 7.59,variationProductId: "5ccf7ec4-9318-4695-b664-59d6ce60baba"}){id}
CreateVariation_6_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Small",price: 6.59,variationProductId: "5ccf7ec4-9318-4695-b664-59d6ce60baba"}){id}
CreateVariation_6_2: createVariation(input: {size: "Large",price: 8.59,variationProductId: "5ccf7ec4-9318-4695-b664-59d6ce60baba"}){id}
CreateProduct_7: createProduct(input: {id: "ae3116b4-00e7-4ac4-af35-9ebf067b1ea9",productId: "0008",productName: "Meat Lovers Pizza",category: "PIZZA",description: "There is pepperoni, and bacon, and sausage, and backon, and ham, and oh yeah, did we mention bacon?",defaultPrice: 10}) {id}
CreateVariation_7_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Large",price: 7.99,variationProductId: "ae3116b4-00e7-4ac4-af35-9ebf067b1ea9"}){id}
CreateVariation_7_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Small",price: 5.99,variationProductId: "ae3116b4-00e7-4ac4-af35-9ebf067b1ea9"}){id}
CreateVariation_7_2: createVariation(input: {size: "Medium",price: 6.99,variationProductId: "ae3116b4-00e7-4ac4-af35-9ebf067b1ea9"}){id}
CreateProduct_8: createProduct(input: {id: "0a311e6f-085e-4820-b2aa-4ec325b82772",productId: "0005",productName: "Breadsticks",category: "SIDE",description: "Hot and fresh, full of buttery flavor",defaultPrice: 5}) {id}
CreateVariation_8_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Dozen",price: 5.99,variationProductId: "0a311e6f-085e-4820-b2aa-4ec325b82772"}){id}
CreateVariation_8_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Half Dozen",price: 3.99,variationProductId: "0a311e6f-085e-4820-b2aa-4ec325b82772"}){id}
CreateProduct_9: createProduct(input: {id: "82d3c5f3-68b8-4b4f-8d0d-c10cbda9324e",productId: "0009",productName: "Regular Cola",category: "SIDE",description: "Have one of these with a smile",defaultPrice: 3}) {id}
CreateVariation_9_0: createVariation(input: {size: "2 Liter",price: 2.99,variationProductId: "82d3c5f3-68b8-4b4f-8d0d-c10cbda9324e"}){id}
CreateProduct_10: createProduct(input: {id: "92d27977-d035-4aa9-a3ae-8d063c4a7c8f",productId: "0013",productName: "Veggie Sub",category: "SUB",description: "This sub has just bread and veggies - good for you!",defaultPrice: 7}) {id}
CreateVariation_10_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Regular",price: 6.99,variationProductId: "92d27977-d035-4aa9-a3ae-8d063c4a7c8f"}){id}
CreateVariation_10_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Small",price: 3.99,variationProductId: "92d27977-d035-4aa9-a3ae-8d063c4a7c8f"}){id}
CreateProduct_11: createProduct(input: {id: "2a16a92f-ff88-457d-8347-2946ee692453",productId: "0011",productName: "Diet Cola",category: "SIDE",description: "Have one of these with a smile and no guilt",defaultPrice: 3}) {id}
CreateVariation_11_0: createVariation(input: {size: "2 Liter",price: 2.99,variationProductId: "2a16a92f-ff88-457d-8347-2946ee692453"}){id}
CreateProduct_12: createProduct(input: {id: "058081d9-9e1b-4900-9733-4a7eb21ed8bd",productId: "0004",productName: "Cheese Pizza",category: "PIZZA",description: "Mozzarella cheese, and sauce, on crust... what more do you need?",defaultPrice: 10}) {id}
CreateVariation_12_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Medium",price: 6.99,variationProductId: "058081d9-9e1b-4900-9733-4a7eb21ed8bd"}){id}
CreateVariation_12_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Large",price: 7.99,variationProductId: "058081d9-9e1b-4900-9733-4a7eb21ed8bd"}){id}
CreateVariation_12_2: createVariation(input: {size: "Small",price: 5.99,variationProductId: "058081d9-9e1b-4900-9733-4a7eb21ed8bd"}){id}
CreateProduct_13: createProduct(input: {id: "64b18436-279c-45b8-a15b-e30b02729987",productId: "0012",productName: "Andys Sub",category: "SUB",description: "Andy Classic Sub, with turkey and bacon and tomatoes and mayo",defaultPrice: 8}) {id}
CreateVariation_13_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Small",price: 4.99,variationProductId: "64b18436-279c-45b8-a15b-e30b02729987"}){id}
CreateVariation_13_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Regular",price: 7.99,variationProductId: "64b18436-279c-45b8-a15b-e30b02729987"}){id}
CreateProduct_14: createProduct(input: {id: "4c4442f6-41cc-456c-a41b-c57b8680a30a",productId: "0003",productName: "Veggie Supreme",category: "PIZZA",description: "Well, it's just vegetables.",defaultPrice: 10}) {id}
CreateVariation_14_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Medium",price: 6.99,variationProductId: "4c4442f6-41cc-456c-a41b-c57b8680a30a"}){id}
CreateVariation_14_1: createVariation(input: {size: "Large",price: 7.99,variationProductId: "4c4442f6-41cc-456c-a41b-c57b8680a30a"}){id}
CreateVariation_14_2: createVariation(input: {size: "Small",price: 5.99,variationProductId: "4c4442f6-41cc-456c-a41b-c57b8680a30a"}){id}
CreateProduct_15: createProduct(input: {id: "3b16a92f-ff88-457d-8347-2946ee692453",productId: "0016",productName: "Choco Cake",category: "SIDE",description: "Chocolate mixed in with chocolate, and cake, and topped with chocoloate",defaultPrice: 5}) {id}
CreateVariation_15_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Regular",price: 5.99,variationProductId: "3b16a92f-ff88-457d-8347-2946ee692453"}){id}
CreateProduct_16: createProduct(input: {id: "4c16a92f-ff88-457d-8347-2946ee692453",productId: "0017",productName: "Vanilla Bean Pudding",category: "SIDE",description: "A light, fluffy dessert filled with vanilla cream flavoring and topped with cinnamon",defaultPrice: 5}) {id}
CreateVariation_16_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Regular",price: 5.99,variationProductId: "4c16a92f-ff88-457d-8347-2946ee692453"}){id}
CreateProduct_17: createProduct(input: {id: "5d16a92f-ff88-457d-8347-2946ee692453",productId: "0018",productName: "Carryover Cafe Brownies",category: "SIDE",description: "Brownies infused with caramel and chocolate chips",defaultPrice: 5}) {id}
CreateVariation_17_0: createVariation(input: {size: "Regular",price: 6.49,variationProductId: "5d16a92f-ff88-457d-8347-2946ee692453"}){id}

Init Amplify

This will load our initial product data - you should see successful logs in the right hand column of the AppSync query console.

Now that we have a backend data store and an API layer to access it, let’s put it into our application.